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In case that we deal with a scenario of communication failure between the mail client and the mail server (EOP in our scenario not all the mail clients include an error log that will help us to find the particular case of the mail flow.
Das benutzerfreundliche, webbasierte Exchange Admin Center unterstützt Sie zuverlässig bei der Verwaltung Ihrer Organisation.
In the Office 365 environment, when we say that we want to send.
The main reason for the uncertainty regarding this process arises from two main factors: The Office 365 and Exchange Online environment is unknown territory for many IT managers versus the on-Premises mail infrastructure.Send E-mail echanger son argent to Exchange Online Article series index Now its Your Turn!E-mail to the cloud, we mean sending E-mail to Exchange Online based server.The subject of: Send E-mail to Exchange Online will be reviewed in a four-article series.When we want to address the Public mail server of Office 365, we can relate to the EOP (Exchange Online Protection) server by using two different entities.

In other words: the mail client will need to provide user credentials and support the use of the TLS protocol.
Office 365 provides a dedicated MX record for each of the public domain name names who registered by Office 365 tenants.
Review the two most important mail flow scenarios which can implement un-authenticated, standard smtp communication channel versus authenticated encrypted TLS communication channel and, what the main characters of each of these options.The need to create a TLS communication channel with the EOP server and provide a users credentials could be considered as problematic in some scenarios.A particular application such as mail application or application that has client capabilities that needed for sending an E-mail message by connecting to a mail server that will forward the E-mail to the required recipients.When we say that we need to send mail to the cloud, what is the meaning?Who is this cloud that we want to address?In reality, the source mail client can be translated into a number of options such as: Hardware device such as a printer or scanner which needs to send an E-mail message to our users by addressing Exchange Online as his mail server.The ability of a recipient to address a mail server and ask it to deliver email messages to an external recipient (recipient who has a domain name that the mail server is not authoritative for it) considered as a relay.The ability to send E-mail to the external recipient the secure communication link is based on a step, in which the mail client will need to identify himself by providing Office 365 user credentials.It is important for us to know your opinion on this article.Data (mail flow) that transferred over a non-secure network (the public network infrastructure) is not protected.Implementing non-secure mail flow.Note in the current article, we will refer to the mail server that we want to address as Exchange Online or EOP (Exchange Online Protection although the most accurate term is EOP.The need to add a configuration setting in the Exchange Online server that will prevent the phenomenon in which the E-mail message sent by the Anonymous mail client will be classified as spam.Send E-mail to Exchange Online using Exchange Online MX record a step by step description of how to send E-mail via Exchange Online, using a standard smtp session by addressing the Exchange Online server using the MX record hostname.

Disadvantages of using a secure communication link with EOP The main disadvantages of using a secure communication link are: In case that the mail client such as the hardware device, doesnt support TLS, we will need to install and configure a mail relay that supports.
Send E-mail to Exchange Online an introduction to the special characters of the Exchange Online and EOP (Exchange Online Protection) mail environment.