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7 In the past, writing in Mori either did not distinguish vowel length, or doubled long vowels (e.g.
"N3048: Proposal to encode two combining characters in the UCS" (PDF).
A macron may also be added by following the letter with the character's four-digit hex-code, and pressing the user's predefined shortcut key for adding unicode characters.
Cook Islands Maori Dictionary with English-Cook Islands Maori Finder List.Music edit In music, the tenuto site de rencontre serieux dans le monde marking resembles the macron.Even relatively recent classical Greek and Latin dictionaries 1 are still concerned with indicating only the length (weight) of syllables; that is why most still do not indicate the length of vowels in syllables that are otherwise metrically determined."The alphabet of Araki".

Grammaire de la langue tahitienne.
Papeete, Tahiti: Société des Études Océaniennes.
Dictionnaire tahitien-français: Faatoro parau tahiti-farni.
For the long counterpart of i, y is used.
Tone edit The following languages or alphabets use the macron to mark tones : In the International Phonetic Alphabet, a macron over a vowel indicates a mid-level tone.Over a century later, in 1645, Horacio Carochi defined macrons to mark long vowels, and, and short vowels with grave accents.In Cook Islands Mori, the macron or mkarna is not commonly used in writing, but is used in references and teaching materials for those learning the language.Graphie et graphies la rencontre ou bonjour monsieur courbet analyse de la langue tahitienne.Baltic languages and Baltic-Finnic languages : Latvian., are separate letters but are given the same position in collation as a, e, i, u respectively.The macron is used in the orthography of a number of vernacular languages of the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, particularly those first transcribed by Anglican missionaries.Tohi vagahau Niue Niue language dictionary: Niuen-English with English-Niuean finderlist.In informal handwriting, the Spanish ñ is sometimes written with a macron-shaped tilde: ( n ).Though the standard diacritic involved is a macron, there are no other diacritics used above letters, so in practice other diacritics can and have been used in less polished writing or print, yielding nonstandard letters like ã ñ õ û, depending on displayability of letters.Lexique du tahitien contemporain: tahitien-français français-tahitien.Si vous voulez savoir si une rencontre amoureuse vous attend, ou comment reconquérir le cœur de celui ou de celle que vous aimez.The term ptae hat is also used.Dictionnaire de la langue Tahitienne (10ème édition, revue et augmentée).Tarot Indien de l'Amour éclairera toutes vos problématiques amoureuses que vous soyez en couple ou célibataire.Avarua, Rarotonga: The Ministry of Education, Government of the Cook Islands; The School of Oriental and African Studies, The University of London; The Institute of Pacific Studies, The University of the South Pacific; The Centre for Pacific Studies, The University of Auckland; Pacific Linguistics, The.

Both Cyrillic and Latin transcriptions of Udege.
"Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Mori".
A macron ( /mækrn, me-/ ) is a diacritical mark : it is a straight bar placed above a letter, usually a vowel.